Wooden Heart: DIY

Hey guys! So, if you remember that red wooden heart I shared in my previous post, you’re about to see it again. Here is how we made it.

Xo, Kat

Trace your heart unto your piece of wood.

Carefully, cut your heart out with a jigsaw

DIY (2) DIY (3) DIY (4) DIY (5) DIY (6) DIY (7) DIY (8)DIY (9)

Next, you want to sand your edges 

Get ready to paint

DIY (10) DIY (11)DIY (12)DIY (13)DIY (14)

Once you let it dry, decide if you want to decorate your heart. We wanted to engrave our letters K + N

Next Step: Give your man moral support as he engraves! lolDIY (15)DIY (16)VDAY (2)

And! Voila! You’ve got yourself a cute Do It Yourself wooden heart piece you can do anything with! I think I’m framing ours, let me know if you guys want to see how I do that.

Xo, Kat


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