Bomber Jacket + The Market Reveal


The Bomber + The Market Reveal

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Hey guys, Happy Monday! Today is a good Monday and you’re about to find out why. For some time now I’ve been getting tons of questions on where I shop, how I style certain pieces, and where to find trendy affordable clothing. I’ve even had friends tell me they would buy my clothes right off of me (No, seriously! haha.) and that is why I’ve decided to start a shop here on the site. Say ‘COMING SOON’ to “The Market” from The Models Market!!

I donated a whole bunch of clothing during my recent move but I still have some really awesome stuff in my closet that would look amazing on you guys! The first piece is this bomber jacket! I know what you’re thinking…it’s hot…in June. Yes, you’re right but if you’re rocking this bomber tied around your waist on a Friday night you may walk into an ice cream shop and let me tell you!!! It gets cold in there, but hey, Lucky you, the bomber is at your disposal for layering and styling! haha. I’m ¬†super excited about this new venture and I’m happy to take you guys on the road!! Check it out here: Shop , I’d love your feedback on anything regarding the new shop. Stop by the contact page and shoot me a message <3

Let’s chat: Hey Lovelies!¬†

Xo, Kat


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