Vintage Tank

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It’s looking bright on hump day! Hey guys, how’s your week going? Are you as excited for the shop as I am? (If you missed my reveal check out this post: The Market Reveal) This cool vintage tank top is another piece that will be for sale. I loved wearing this because I was able to dress up for a night out and also keep it light and fun for the day time. I’ll be sharing how I styled this for a casual day time look soon. Since there is a HUGE 90’s revival going on I thought the leather choker and teased hair fitting. I’m digging this 90’s revival, it makes my mom feel old but we all know she’s the coolest mom so nothing will make her seem old anyway! (Hope you’re reading this mom! Lol) Are you guys loving any 90’s revival trends lately?

Xo, Kat


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