A first date: A deep look into your closet

So it’s the night…a first date, and you’re going crazy over what to wear. Go and stand in front of your closet and find “an outfit that reflects who you are in the most mysterious way possible”

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Ha, how do you like that? Women like being mysterious and sexy, right? Let’s do it in the right way:

Dress in a way where you accentuate your best assets without revealing what your momma gave you!
For me, I like to accentuate my waist
So I’ll wear a waist belt with my top, a skirt/pants with a high waist seam or peplums!
On a first date I’m trying to get to know the person not make him distracted over my body. So my goal is not to be revealing in any un-classy way. I want my outfit to represent my personality and yes yes I’m a boyfriend jeans kind of girl, but on a first date I’d probably keep those in the closet and bring out a nice pair of pants or skinny jeans that scream “HERE IS KAT” (depending where we are going)
Ok, Shoes. You gotta do a killer pair of flats or heel. Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in and go with it. I love heels! So heels are the one thing I love finding any excuse to wear.
Take a small clutch, cross body, or satchel with you and leave your huge ‘I throw everything in here’ purse at home! Let your date know you can have life under control, because ladies we all know we throw everything that is relevant AND irrelevant to life into our purse! Lol.
And last, don’t over do your accessories to try and impress. If you’re into accessories express your style through them: wear your daintiest pieces if you’re a simple kind of girl  and if you love glamming it up wear an awesome statement earring or a bracelet.

Just remember that once you’re all ready to look in the mirror and make sure you own it!

Don’t forget to smile and tell yourself you deserve this date and just have a good time.

>Below are some outfit ideas, for anything from a very dressy dinner date to a more relaxed day at the park date!<

Xo, Kat

peplum3 skirt ivanka trump

peplum4 denimvalentino

sweaterrr skirt1boot

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