Bandeau’ & Florals

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I’m all for over sized tee’s, sweaters, cardigans, ect… but sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in my outfit when I wear over sized flowy pieces. So, I took this super flowy floral top that I bought a couple months ago and I let it naturally hang from shoulders, to decide where I would be pinning my top to the bandeau. I recently purchased some really cool bandeaus from LF and I gotta say it really takes the outfit from just girly to edgy- boho chic. I’m all about that boho chic! Lol. I love showing a little shoulder, It’s so comfortable to not have to worry about pulling my sleeves up every five seconds. So, take your over sized top and pair it with a funky bandeau and let it hang sister! haha. Embrace the chic in laid back styles.

Xo, Kat

Shop the look: Bandeau (LF stores), Yellow mini tote (similar), Levi’s (same wash, different style here)


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