Top 6 Favorite Beauty Trends for 2017

Hey guys! As we roll into 2017 I’ve been looking into some beauty and hair trends for this new year and I want to share some of my favorites. Some of these ‘trends’ are nothing new for me because I’ve been doing them for years! Some are totally new so let’s get to it.

Trend #1 – braided top knots: I’ve had short hair for about 2-3 years (consistently) and since I usually get it cut shorter in the back top knots are a bit difficult. I don’t like using bobby pins to secure my tiny hairs in plain view, so I’ve been braiding my shorter layers up into my bun for some time now. I’m super excited to see this hairstyle be ‘a thing’ (Click here to watch my braided bun tutorial!)

Trend #2 – oils & charcoal masks: If we’re reaaalllly close then you know I’ve been struggling with my skin and I’m still on the road to clear skin. But, one of the things I got really into by the end of 2016 were oils. Coconut oil, castor oil, rosehip oil, avocado oil, you name it…I’ve added to my routine somewhere. My favorite way to use coconut oil is as a makeup remover. I take a small amount, rub it in my hands to warm it up and go to town. I have a face towel that is SUPER soft, check it out here, so with that I just smooth away everything in a couple swipes and the makeup is completely melted away. I’ve also been using rosehip oil as a night moisturizer. I put a couple drops on my fingers and press it into my skin before going to bed. I recently purchased this pack of oils from amazon and I really recommend checking them out!

Trend #3 – Head Scarf Wrap: I love this! How cute do all these ladies look?! Baseball hats to fall and winter are like scarf wraps to spring and summer!

Trend #4 – no heat hair: I think only a few of us will like this one. I am all for no heat when I’m trying to grow my hair out or keep it healthy. Welllll, with the wedding coming next year that’s exactly what I want with my hair. Lots of braids coming to you in 2017! My hair in this photo was a ‘no heat’ style , just braids that I slept in overnight!

Trend #5 – chrome nails: This one is for my bestfriend, Reina. Haha I’m exited to try out chrome nail polish. As many of you know, I’ve been using Quimica Alemana to grow healthy and strong nails so 2017 is THE year to have fun Mani’s! Who is with me?!

Shop these polishes here:

Trend #6 – microblading: We’ve all seen and heard of it. Some of us are judging the idea and some of us are making our appointments. I think microblading is a such a great idea, If I’m being honest! Think about all the time you spend filling in your eyebrows…I’ll wait. I’ve recently been re-shaping my eyebrows so that they are less ‘maintenance’ but if I have the chance to get my brow micro bladed it could last up to a year and I am all about it! (Please look this up if you’re interested)


Thank you for reading!

Xo, Kat


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