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Hi guys! I feel like this time of year I start falling in love with brown, turquoise, yellow, white, orange…you know. Every color on the warm spectrum. 😂 What I love most about this look is how ‘on point’ I felt in my Pj’ top from Forever21. I know you can’t see it very well but it says ‘I’ll be okay once the coffee kicks in’ Relatable or what? Also, the actual bottoms to this pajama set is SO cute! It’s white and blue short shorts with percolators on it, COME ON.

I’ve been trying that whole ‘casually dressed up’ look and I’ve gotta say I’ve been enjoying it. I wore this look to an event and I felt so comfortable but still put together, I really had no complaints lol. I think this styling technique is such a fun way to mix in your basic lounging around pieces in with your trendy pieces. For example Pj tank + flared jeans.

If you’re trying to think of what pieces you already own you can try this with, check out these looks I’ve put together down below.

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I feel like we all have that one (or 5) tees that we wish we could wear out because it’s just so darn comfortable. Well, I think if you mix that tee with something feminine + edgy you’ve got yourself a look. If your tee has amazing colors like this one then try to pick out your favorite and use that to build your look’s color palette. I loved the fiery orange in this top so I chose this skirt and to bring in an element of funk I added these printed boots. So now you’re comfortable and looking like you spent 5 hours putting a killer look together.

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This one, I love! I have a couple joggers in my personal wardrobe and I think dressing up a jogger is so smart because these could almost look like a nice cotton/linen pant. Who can tell you that you’re under dressed?! I think going for a monochromatic look and adding a pop of color into your accessories (or in this case, handbag) really ties the look together. It looks like you were doing all sorts of color chemistry and spent some time putting these colors together, buuuuut you didn’t. 😉 it’s only 2 colors!
These are looks I would totally wear out, would you?

Xo, Kat


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  1. February 20, 2017 / 12:44 PM

    WOW!!!! Your style is AMAZING! I love everything about this outfit! It goes so perfectly together!!

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