How To: Distressed Dungarees (Overalls)

Remember how overalls made a huge comeback last summer? Well, it’s safe to say I’ve been seeing short denim overalls all over my social media! I’m seeing ripped overall tops (which looks pretty awesome if you ask me), skirt overalls, white distressed overalls…you name it! So, in honor of spring and summer I’m bringing a step-by-step tutorial on how make your $250 shortalls in the comfort of your home for hmmm…about $8?

I found my dungarees at my local Plato’s Closet, I spent $8. Don’t freak out if you don’t have one near you, a thrift store of your choice will work just as well.

Let’s begin:

Gather your scissors, tweezers, knife, needle and thread and anything sharp with a point!


Step 1: Make 3 cuts (about an inch apart) straight across your pocket

step2 step3

Step 2: Now that you have your cuts, with your razor literally begin shaving each edge. This just starts the work before you throw them into the wash (where the real work is done!)


Step 3: For extra roughness, use you hands!


Notice the right side has more ‘distress’ vs the left


Step 4: Make 2 cuts (about an inch apart) along the top of pocket 

step7 step8

Step 5: Here is the fun part! Grab your tweezers. Here you begin pulling the blue threads only.

These are the ones going vertically. This will take some time, be patient and you will start to see only the white threads which is exactly what you want.

step9 step10

Step 6: Okay, for the shorts go ahead and make 2 small rolls for each leg.

With your needle and thread secure your roll on the front side and back side for each leg.

step11 step12 step13

Step 7: Be very careful when doing this step. You only want to cut the top layer of your roll and make sure to


step14 step15 step16

Step 8: With the razor repeat the shaving technique we used for the pocket


Step 9: Okay. Now you want to place these next cuts on top of your pocket because we don’t want our private parts showing! Be mindful of how much you cut towards the center. 

step18 step19 step20 step21

Step 10: With your cuts in place, grab your tweezers because now we are going to work in sections.

Begin pulling out the blue threads. Eventually it will turn into one whole section but working in small increments helps to take out the blue threads much easier!


Step 11: After all your hard work, you should have this. Now it’s time to wash and dry these bad boys.

In the washing and drying process all of the cuts and distress that has been created will come to life. 


Step 12: VOILA! Ready to wear! Stay tuned to see how I style them

Xo, kat



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