DIY Ballet Flats | MIUMIU inspiration



Happy Friday!!! I’m so excited for today because I’ve been obsessed with these MIUMIU flats and I really wanted to make a pair of DIY ballet flats that’ll work with any outfit! I immediately went shopping for flats in my local thrift store but to my surprise nothing caught my eye. (First time, ever!) I told myself I would check Target (how cute are these and these) and Walmart…So, thank you Walmart for letting me find these black flats for under $6. WINNING! I also found super cute pearls and this amazing satin black ribbon. It was time to get to DIY’ing!

I took my time placing these ribbons and really thinking about how I wanted them to look. So it took me like two whole days to make these DIY ballet flats haha. I was super into this project.. sewing those pearls on there was pretty interesting.

I knew I wanted to have multiple ways of tying the flats so for today’s video that’s exactly what I’m showing you! I hope this inspires you to get funky with your flats!!! Maybe go out and make a pair of your own!  Don’t be scared to be totally unique with your own ballet flats! I’ve been seeing this trend all over social media so it’s the perfect time to experiment!

Love you guys ❤️ Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the video! Let me know you’re favorite style here in the comments or in the video comments!!


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