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Who would’ve thought skorts would ever be in style? Yuck, I dreaded wearing these to school…but I would so wear these modern, envelope skorts every where now! I’m such a sucker for funky hair cuts, crazy colors, asymmetric cut shirts – funky everything! So when I saw these back in spring I knew I had to get one. It took me a whiiiiiile to finally get my hands on one. It’s not like I couldn’t find one…honestly I found them everywhere but it just wasn’t the right color, the right fit, the right length. Until I came across this one ahhhhhhh, I hadn’t even tried it on and I already knew I was buying it. Unfortunately for me, summer fashion is coming to an end…but I live in Florida so yeah right! This is totally a must have, and I’m quite excited to transition this into fall because if you’ve been doing your fashion forecast lately —we’re going to be seeing lots of pastels this fall!!! And fur, oh fur! And let’s not leave out fringe!! Ah, are you seeing the combinations you could do with this skort! If not, don’t worry – you’ll see my skort once again on the blog!

xo, Kat


Shop the Look : Heels (love these!), Skort (white, black), Clutch (Charming Charlie), Watch (rose gold and silver)


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