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Hey everyone! Man, this week is flying by and I am totally enjoying this cool weather South Florida getting. Monday night the life group I’m part decided to meet outside in our Downtown area and OH man, it was so amazing outside! I think we could’ve just went to sleep there…we even had blankets! Not to mention I feel like these nice winds are mentally preparing me for cold weather this weekend! I was thinking of things I know I use during fall and since I’ll be packing today and tomorrow I wanted to share the most basic pieces you should always have handy during fall!


  1. Leather Jacket: A good leather jacket is always a yes in my opinion because it instantly brings up your ootd style points. Plus, most of the time a leather jacket keep you cozy on chilly days if you layer some nice thick tops under it.
  2. A turtleneck: I love turtle necks because it literally covers my neck!! haha. I especially love the super high ones because I like folding it up to cover my mouth. My lips get super dry during fall and winter so that’s my little trick  to keep wind and cold air away.
  3. Lip Balm: Speaking of lips…my lips have been attached to chap stick for as long as I remember. I even got a pack chap stick as a Christmas present and I was happy as can be! I always have to carry 1 (or 2) lip balms in my purse because I have to apply it every 10 minutes. It’s my strange addiction.  I really like the brand Smith’s for lip balm, my lips always feel super soft after applying the balm. My favorite is the one that comes in the tub, not the squeeze tub (I haven’t tried that one yet)
  4. Fuzzy Socks: These are a  no brainer. I shouldn’t have to tell you why you need fuzzy socks BUT you need some.
  5. Leggings: Leggings are totally the most acceptable as pants during fall and winter…the nice thick ones. I say you need leggings because they are perfect to wear under jeans.
  6. Over The Knee Boots: Well, aside from OTK being the trendiest shoe style for fall..you’ve got so many options with OTK’s. I like wearing them over my jeans, especially those days were my jeans are too tight that I can’t fit leggings under them! Lol
  7. Beanie: I used to OBSESSED with beanies back in high school, not so much now, but I still think you need at least one. Beanies are so good to hide you ears and still look  cute! I say get a funky beanie, I mean if you’re gonna wear a head sock at least look cool while doing so!
  8. Coat: I have to coats that I’ve probably used two to three times and that’s because I was in Chicago and oh, I needed it! It just hangs out in the back of my closet but it’s an easy grab. I have light blush colored one which I love because it goes with almost everything!
  9. Ankle boots: I cant stress enough how awesome booties are for fall. They add so much style to your look while keeping your feet nice and covered. I’ve got like 6 pairs of totally different styles…you only need like two, don’t be crazy like me. I say if you like to wear neutrals get a black pair. If you love wearing more color (whether cool or warm colors) I say get a gray pair.
  10. Plaid Scarf: This a funny ‘essential’ because I really never like plaid until last year. The reason it’s in here is because…plaid = fall. That’s it! If you see someone wearing a plaid scarf there’s usually a PSL in their hands because it’s totally fall time!! (PSL=Pumpkin Spice Latte…That’s for my parents in case they are reading this are going “what the heck is a PSL?) <3
  11. Brim Hat (aka Fedora): I loooooove brim hats! My mom loves her a good floppy hat…me? Give me the stiff! Brim hats are perfect for bad hair days. You can rock a low bun if you’ve got short hair or give yourself a messy fishtail if you’ve got long hair. No matter what you do with your hair, it will look good in the brim hat.


Hope you guys continue to have an awesome week! Nick and I matched without planning it so you know I had to capture the moment!!


Xo, Kat


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