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I’ve literally been wearing my hair in any type of braid so much lately simply because I want to be lazy and not wash my hair! haha plus, it’s not that great to wash your hair too often, so really, who is being the smart one here?! I wanted to share how I do my fishtail pony tail with you guys, so I included step-by-step pictures to show you exactly what’s going on with this hair! There’s honestly 2 main products you need and I’ll share those at the end of this post.

Xo, Kat



Teasing: You want to start out with 2 to 3 days old hair, we want to use all our hair junk aka oils. If your hair is anything like mine…this’ll work in your favor! If it’s flat as can be, no worries! We’re still going to tease the crown of our head.

  • Section off the top area of the hair, add hair spray, (tease) and tease a lot, don’t be afraid!


Pony Tail: After teasing your hair should look something like the bottom left picture (I would actually dare to go out like this, is this Rocker Chic or what?!) Lol. Ok, back to the picture… It should look crazy so don’t worry about that:

  • Gently brush over the top hairs just to clean it up and put down the crazy fly-ways.
  • You can totally skip this next step of pinning your teased hair, but for me it wont really stay unless I do. So that’s you see me doing next.
  • If you skip the pinning go ahead and grab your hair from behind your ears and up into a pony tail.
  • Try not to pull hair from the middle, you don’t want to lose the volume you just created.


Fishtail Time: Once again…if your hair is anything like mine by this point it should be tangled like crazy:

  • So, brush that out and prep your pony for fishtailin’
  • Divide into 2 equal sections (or at least try!)
  • Take a small section of hair from the right section — cross it over the front and join it to the left section
  • Then grab a small section of hair from the left section — cross it over the front and join it to the right section


Adjust: This is the fun part, here you can get all types of wild with your braid!

  • Repeat the crossing over steps from above until you reach the end of your hair
  • However you find easiest, secure the braid with an elastic (I didn’t have one to match my hair but I suggest using an elastic that matches to it looks more pulled together)
  • Begin to fluff out your braid by ¬†gently pulling on it from top to bottom.

Products used : fishtail hair sprayfishtail brush


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