I had such high hopes of curling my hair this morning and then I looked outside my window and changed my mind pretty quick! It’s crazy out there!! It’s so windy I was literally being blown away as I walked lol So what the heck do I do with my dirty hair now…I can’t curl this craziness right now so… looks like I’m going for my ‘go-to-fish-tail-side-pony’ tail; what a life saver. I still had to curl some pieces! I couldn’t let mother nature beat me all together, right? I’ve been fish tailing my hair quite often lately, I remember when I first learned how to do one in high school, next thing you knew every girl I knew had a fish tail because I begged them all to let me practice on their fabulous hair lol. So, here’s my hair of the day:


P.S. – I’m loving how my purple is showing through now a days, maybe that’s why I’ve been more creative lately hahah


xo, Kat.



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