Flared Jeans

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I’m so happy I was able to pull out my flared jeans from last season this past weekend. As you guys know from the previous post I was in Puerto Rico visiting my family but especially my grandparents because my grandpa isn’t doing so well. Thank God I was able to hug him and see him laugh and smile around his grand babies

Through all of that I still wanted to dress up for Sunday, which is why I was excited to wear my jeans! Lol. I’ve been really into neutrals so that’s why I kept this look all in the same family. Flared jeans are so hard to find, or at least for me, because I sometimes want to wear them with wedges or even flats but of course the flare doesn’t allow it!!! If you guys know of any brand that makes ‘that perfect’ flare…let me know! For the mean time, enjoy!

Xo, Kat


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