Good lighting. New friends.

I wish I could say everything about this photo was planned; that I woke up and knew this was the outfit I was going to be wearing for the next 12 hours. I actually had something completely different but weather changed and this is what I had at Nicks house, so there it was. I wish I could say this lighting was totally my idea too but that was all Shay. I met Shay through Mackensey and Amanda who I met through Instagram Lol! Seriously, meeting people through social media has been wonderful in 2017. I’ve made like 8 new friends through the power of networking in the past month.

I was was thinking back to when I went to the create and cultivate ‘style summit’ event and it was a networking powerhouse in there! It was amazing to see how the blogging community really empower one another. I mentioned how it’s my third year blogging and now  I’ve gotta say I think I did everything backwards! Lol This year is when I’m going out there and driving an hour by myself to events because if not now, when? I sort of felt like a fish out water (had to talk myself out of NOT turning around to go back home) when I got there and even when I left I thought “Man, I kinda blew that…I didn’t make great impressions!” But reality is, I made it out there. I did it. And so can you. Last night I was talking to someone I rather not mention right this second and she said to me “Kathy, I blame you for my want to leave this place” I gasped, GIRL WHY. She told me it was because during our past couple of conversations I’ve inspired her to look back at the things she’s passionate for and dabble in the idea of going for them. I was like ‘I will take all the blame for being the person who inspired you to follow your dreams!’ Let me ask you…Is there somewhere you’re holding back in your life because maybe you feel alone in it? Maybe you’re like me and have missed out on 2 years worth of putting our dreams on full throttle. Well, I’m here to to tell you everyone has been in that alone phase. Honestly, a part of me is still there but that’s just me having the fear to go out there and ‘preach about myself’ …by myself lol.

Anyway, since that event I’ve met an amazing textile and apparel designer, a local blogger who lives about 15 minutes from me and I’ve been met the most fabulous local bloggers through Instagram and we constantly support each other! Shout out to the blogging community, Orlando will you mind if I come up more often?! If you’re stuck in a ‘net working rut’ I promise you’ll make it out to the side. Just two weeks ago I felt alone in the community, now I know I can reach out to any of those amazing ladies for a pep talk if I’m down about my blog! Keep moving. Keep being authentic. Show people why you love being a part of this community.  Ask how you can help them out, how can you benefit that new friend? Maybe it’s taking their photo while their photographer is out of town because their #ootd is too good to pass up. Making its teaching them how to use the Instagram analytics so that they’re business page can flourish and grow too!

Whatever it is that networking does for you, jus give it back. It’s powerful to feel like you’ve stepped into a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. You got this. I got this. We got this…together. Oh, and follow your dreams…always!

xo, Kat



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