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Hi guys happy Monday, how are you? This past weekend was my 23rd birthday!!!!┬áIt was amazing. I’m sure there are memories on the gram by now so after this post go check my IG out. Can you tell I am loving this silk scarf? I just wearing wearing it! (see how I wore it as a head scarf here) but it’s truly just so perfect for spring and summer. To those of you asking worry not; the scarf is from LYNK Studio If you recall my beauty trends blog post (check out more trends here) I mentioned hair scarves were going to be a thing this season and I think this one is perfect to tie it anywhere. I’ve yet to use it around my head but as you can see I’ve used it around my neck, my bag, my wrist and even as a flag… Lol

I also found these shorts about a month ago for like $3 and aren’t they just the best? I did re-vamp them and took them in so they fit me nice and snug at the waist annnnnd also folded them up and hand stitched the folds in place. I really love how they came out and I got some other goods I’m excited to style coming up.

What I love most about these shorts is how versatile they are; with blazer or without. I wanted to style these shorts in a way that would be appropriate for a lunch meeting and then hanging downtown with the girls! You know? Sometimes we overlook our ‘casual’ pieces and forget there are tons of ways we can dress them up or keep them fun and casual.

Xo, Kat


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  1. March 6, 2017 / 11:25 AM

    Those shorts are super cute. I need this kind of help for the upcoming seasons!

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