How to Pose In Photos

Here we are talking about posing as if I know anything about this! BUT what I do know is that the tips I’m sharing with you are the tips that help me be the most comfortable and confident as I can be when I’m taking photos. Let’s talk about how to pose in photos. Or at least, let’s talk about my favorite poses and why they work for me and could possibly work for you.

Tip #1

Love your look. I know this is so so simple but trust me, it makes or breaks your overall appearance in a photo. I can’t tell you how many times I feel a little blah with what I’m wearing and still try to take a photo. It’s a bad idea because I will automatically look BLAH, just like I feel. As simple as this sounds, tip number one for a good photo is feeling confident in how you look. Own every detail of your outfit!

Tip #2

Dance! This may sound a bit crazy but I’m constantly moving when taking photos. You know when you take a hundred photos on shutter speed and you hate them all? Yeah, it’s probably because you didn’t like your initial pose. So, since you didn’t move at all, the other 99 photos look like that initial pose. Be sure to move in your photos, you’re bound to find at least 2-3 ‘in the moment’ photos that really express the feeling you were looking for.


Tip #3

On your toes, get ready, GO!

Tip number three works so great for those photos where you’re NOT wearing heels. I always try to be on my toes because it elongates my body and also helps me be conscious of my posing while remaining effortless. Do you know what I mean? Being on your toes makes you look polished and it subconsciously helps you move your arms. It’s kind of a balance thing. As you get up on your toes you’ll need to find balance so you’ll move your arms and end up with super effortless poses. You may feel silly at first, but it works.

Tip #4

Look past the camera. I think bloggers and influencers are known for the ‘looking away’ pose. It works. It makes the photo seem very ‘natural’ in a way as if you were caught off guard and you naturally look that phenomenal. Something new I’ve been trying is starting towards the camera but right past it. I think sometimes we get intimidated to look right into a camera, which is so normal, so try to keep your face towards it but your vision past it.

Tip #5

Lean. I went back through my Instagram and noticed that in 98% of my photos I lean! I tend to lean to one side but during the editing process I flip some of my photos so it looks like I lean both ways! Haha. Just a trick within a trick. Find which ‘Lean’ works best for you and stick to it.

Tip #6

One foot back. If you put one leg back and focus your body weight towards the back it also helps you look slimmer and elongated. I do this to add some dimension to my photos and also to add some still movement. When you stand, place one leg a step back, drop your weight on that back leg, and lift your face up a bit. It should help!

Tip #7

ARMS. I noticed in my photos I place my hands higher on my waist as a consistent pose. I’ve noticed that placing my hands higher on my torso than my hips forces to hands to flip up side down and my arm the creates a triangle shape. This is clearly what they meant in school when they said we would use math forever; to create a mathematical pose. LOOOL.

The other part of my body I use (besides my leg trick up there) is my shoulders. I shrug them to show my collar bones a little more (When it makes sense) and sometimes I just do it to add drama.

Tip #8 

Smile. Is that crazy to say? I’ve been shooting with Nick for the past 3.5 years and he would probably tell you that I just don’t stop talking! I talk with while we take photos which causes me to naturally just smile and laugh. Hence, an ‘effortless’ smiling photo. Now, if you’re photographer is not the kind to make you laugh, they should at least be making you comfortable enough to where you can be silly and relax in front of the camera. In that case, give us an ‘In the moment’ fake laugh. I bet you by the third or fourth try you’ll really be laughing because you’re trying to fake laugh and then voila. Effortless real smile. That connects with everybody!

Tip #9 

Practice in the mirror. This helps me a lot! You guys would probably laugh at me because 99% of the time when I get dressed I’ll be posing in front of my mirrors. You know In the mornings when I post an #ootd pic on my story?! Yeah, I probably posed about 10 times before posting that pic or boomerang. I do this because I like to figure out how to best show my outfits. Maybe it’s flowy so I’ll lean back and forth to capture movement. Maybe it’s more structured so I’ll get up on my toes to be more edgy. You know? It’s all about practice. See what angles and poses work to best show off your outfit!

So there you have it! All the little things I do while taking photos. There’s something about looking at a still photo and it being so open to interpretation that I just don’t like. I love still images, the emotion they evoke. It’s just that sometimes still images fail to portray who that person TRULY is. You know what I mean? Sometimes still images look ‘too’ perfect and we find ourselves comparing one another and asking ourselves ‘why don’t I look like that when I do blah blah blah’. Listen, if you don’t take anything from this post at all, take this. Love who you were made to be. Be SO proud of you corky poses, your squinty eyes, and your eyebrow raise! It makes you, YOU. At the end of day people like/follow along with you because of your point of view!

Of course, I love getting inspired by other woman in the community and taking notes of those inspirations. That’s a huge part of growing because no matter where you are and what you’re doing someone else is doing it better and different. That’s not to be discouraging, only to remind you (and me) that when inspiration strikes, remember that no matter what, only you can do yoooou. Let it be a reminder to embrace the unique soul you are. Take these tips and tweak them to be your own. Share with me what works for you, tell me what didn’t work. I can’t wait to see your photos! 🖤





  1. Cindy
    January 11, 2018 / 11:33 AM

    Ahhhh these are all AMAZINGGGGG! I love the standing on your toes pose. But I usually lose my balance and look like a total clutz. 😂

  2. January 11, 2018 / 2:06 PM

    Great tips!!😀 I will try and see what works. And just picking your brain what would your tip be for selfies? I feel like I never get a good one😬😬. Thanks

  3. January 12, 2018 / 7:05 PM

    I’m a fan of the “looking away” pose. You are so right about that one. I loved these poses and it definitely gave me some inspiration on how to pose in my next few pictures. Great job Kat

  4. January 29, 2018 / 6:10 AM

    These are Great tips and very stylish pictures. You are looking so gorgeous in that dress. I really love your Dressing style.

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