Hue Sense

Monochromatic colors are used to create a strong sense of visual cohesion.

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What better way to create visual appeal than with your look. So, when we thought of paring olive with grey we wanted to create a lot of focus and depth. I teamed up with the creator of DISS LYFE blog (link will be below) to bring this idea to life. We had so much fun shooting this! When Cat put her look together I thought of how effortless her outfit as, in the sense that everything played so well together. You could roll up those super cool motor pants, un-zip them or keep them zipped to add detailing to the look. Pairing it with a pair of nude pumps automatically dresses up this entire look. You can really take this outfit from day to night in no time. On the other side of the hue’s I wanted to go for more of a pull together outfit because I love accentuating body features without showing them. Adding the belt draws attention to the waist but adding the layering of the pearls helps to balance it out; it makes the eyes bounce. I think if you wanted to wear a  cute simple sneaker or a wrap up sandal with this, instead of the heels it could totally work for a more casual look! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as we enjoyed spending the afternoon having some latte’s!

Xo, Kat ___ DISS LYFE <-

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