Knotty Things

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If you have been following me for a while you know that I love knots! I’m all about knotting my shirts and belting them up and even using safety pins to create new stuff! Haha.
This top was no exception to the knotty rule. You should try it out! I want to see how it works out for you.

Here are some things you can totally knot up:

1: Button Down – button down only halfway and knot the remaining section for some dimension.

2: T-Shirt – knotting tee’s are the best, especially long tees because you can go from t-shirt dress to chic tied up tee with high waist jeans in no time!

3: Outerwear Belts: Usually outerwear comes with a belt of some sort so I knot those up too!

Xo, Kat


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