Loving For Spring…

I’m loving spring fashion, this year for some reason, I’m really excited for it! Here are some staple pieces I’m loving for spring.

spring essentials

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1. A good ol’ floppy hat! Even though we all love sunshine it is super important we protect our skin, so for days you forget to put on your SPF, opt for a floppy hat for some protection.

2. Mirror sunnies: Let’s be real, we feel super cool when we rock some mirrors on our face. Lol! Nothing funnier than passing by a crowd and everyone is checking themselves out in the reflection coming from your super cool shades.

3. Off the shoulder tops: So loving the bare shoulder look this spring season, I got a couple in closet but I’m totally on the hunt for cute pieces. Love this one!

4. Espadrilles are the spring and summer sandal. I love how chic they look tied up while rocking some shorts or even rolled up boyfriend jeans.

5. Speaking of shorts, effortless loose shorts for the win!

6. Mini totes: Take a chance for different take on the crossbody this season. I think it’s a perfect hybrid between practical and totally chic, like this one!

What are some things you’re loving for spring time?

Xo, Kat


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