Pop Of Color | Styling a Crossbody for Summer

Hi friends! Today’s post is going to be one of those ‘hmmmm, ahhhhh, that’s cool, I’m going to try that’. Or at least, I hope it is.

I recently purchased this fuchsia mini top handle bag and I quickly became obsessed with it. I wore it for three days straight! If you remember my blog post from a while ago where I took my yellow scarf and wore it as a top then you will realize this post is something like that. Except we are doing the re-purposing with a crossbody.

When I wore this bag as a crossbody I loved it, I thought it was so chic and mini and looked extremely cute over a simple look. But you know me, I can’t leave anything AS IS. So what did I do? Well, I incorporated the oh so famous fanny pack trend and implemented the same styling technique while wearing this bag.


Let’s do this together:

First look to see if the bag strap is extendable; if it is YAY! If it’s not, don’t worry I got another trick for you.

If your strap extends then make it as long as possible. You’re going to wrap it around your waist (or where ever you would want the bag to be placed) and position the strap with the hooks facing each other. If you are able to strap on the bag to the hooks with no problems then you’re good to go. How cute do you look? Take a selfie, will ya!

If you can’t strap on your bag because there is not enough strap THEN take a look at the hardware of your bag. Is it silver? Is it gold? Is it plain black, white, brown?!

Once you figure that out, look around in your room for a chain that matches the color of your hardware. Hint: I’m sure one of your other bags has a plain chain already aka steal it real quick. Hook the chain to the bag strap. Then you can attach the bag to the added chain. Voila. Same concept just a little more detailed! If that seems like too much work then you could also use the plain chain but only if it’s longer that your bag strap.

I would suggest wearing this style over something fitted because at that point you’ve got a lot going on sister. If you’re worried about emphasizing something you don’t want to be emphasized then try placing your bag a little higher on your waist. Remember, if you’re comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing; you’ll rock this look every time!

I went a little extraaaaaa with my look because not only did I want to style this bag in a different way I also wanted to mix patterns. I’m not going to lie I was a little hesitant when I styled this in my head.

(Typically I make outfits in my head then I go home and try stuff on to make sure it looks the same way I envisioned it.) In my opinion this look turned out way better than I actually saw it in my head! yay for that.


Let me know if you’re trying this trick out with your crossbody bags! My bag comes in four different colors so choose your favorite down below.

Shop my outfit here:



Photos by @nicklaiuppa


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