Nora NYC + The Model’s Market


Hello my dear friends, happy Monday! I’ve been officially blogging for three years. WOW. Towards the end of 2016 I really buckled down and began doing some research on different brands and companies I would love to work with. I wrote down email templates, watched tons of videos on how to pitch myself, even got crazy and emailed some top companies because I felt invincible. By December I had the privilege to collaborate with DanielleEmon for NYE. See full posts and details, here.  Now we are in 2017  which I believe is THE year for this dream to explode into something influential but sometimes I still wake up wondering what I’m doing right, what I’m doing wrong, what can I change, where can I better my blog? I’m sure I will never find the answers but I do know if I wake up everyday grateful for what I have and put first what is meant to go first, I’ll be ok. This morning I woke up and I opened my bible to Mathew and just read the first chapter, I prayed and just took some time to thank God for loving me and for instiling this passion I have for fashion. We’re at the end of January now but in the begining of the month I got a simple message I wasn’t expecting and now I’m excited to announce I am an affiliate for Nora NYC. I loved how this happened because I wasn’t looking for it! I had spend the end of 2016 wrecking my brain trying to make my image ‘worthy’ of someone bigger than me. I’m not saying I didn’t put the work in and that I’m not proud of what I’ve done in the past two years…I’m just realizing I can’t measure my success based on other’s success stories. I love my story. I’m proud of it and I hope you are too because without your loyalty this wouldn’t go anywhere. Thank you. If you know me or have been following me for a while then you know I pair almost every single outfit with a pair of sunglasses. I truly do consider them the perfect accessory. Sometimes I even bring them in my purse for a night-outing when I know I can’t wear them! This brand offers high fashion sunglasses worldwide and I can’t even begin to express how cool I feel in my newest sunnies. Haha I was browsing the site trying to pick my first pair and boy, I had trouble choosing. I’ve been super into the flat lens look so I picked out this pair. Caaaaan you even?! They come in like 8+ colors and I may possibly get every color. That’s not the best part…if you, or someone you know, loves sunglasses as much as I do then you’re going to be excited to know you can shop any of their sunnies and get 10% off every single purchase with my code: NewShades (don’t worry I’m not getting commission from the code or paid to tell you about it) I’m so excited for all my friends to be able to get some amazing high fashion sunnies. This way we can all stunt together.

Xo, Kat


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