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Hey guys! Happy December…I can’t believe we’re nearing the end on 2017. That means it’s time for holiday EVERYTHING! Holiday is such a fun time to dress up. Mainly because your reason is this: ‘it’s holiday season.’ I wanted to kick off my holiday looks with this one. Ah, I’m so pumped for this look.I can’t tell you how much thought I put into this look just to change it the morning of this shoot. Yeah. I’m one of those sometimes, so let me break it down.

This is to show you that it’s possible to wear something in a new way every.single.wear. My top is a romper, yes not even a top. I wear this solely to hang around the house but while I was getting dressed I had no black tops available so my romper worked! Then I paired it with these shorts that you’ve seen so many times like here, here, and in this blog post. I did this because the minimal stripping in the shorts went so good the stripes on my blazer that it really gave me a matchy-matchy feel without it being totally the same. You know? I also feel like these shorts + this overall look is such a good representation of wearing multiple prints and not looking crazy. Did I nail it? Because obviously the main print are in these amazing velvet boots.

I’ve worn these boots for two looks already (next look coming at you super soon!) and they are honestly so comfortable it’s a little bit insane. I’m, also, not saying that just to say it. This day, Nick and I shot this look at 8am, then I went to work at 9:30am and didn’t take them off until I walked inside my house around 6pm. WHUUUT. Oh, and yes I totally went to work like this.

I work retail so I will say around 5pm I wanted to give up because after eight hours my feet were screaming BUT I would’ve felt defeated if I didn’t make it that last hour so I totally held on. I’m so happy I did because now it’s like these boots are perfectly broken in! They come in this incredible bordo color and is not such a perfect boot for your holiday looks?! Below I’ve linked my exact boot and the bordo color as well!

Speaking of the boot, I loved wearing it this slouched way because on my insta-story I shared how the sticky pads inside helped to keep the boot all the way up and straight BUT I felt slouched gave it an effortless look. I was so into that plus now it shows the versatility of the shoe. I think this holiday I may let my lip color and/or my shoe be the statement piece of my looks.


What’s your favorite part about the Holiday season??




**FTC Disclaimer – boots were gifted by the ALDO Group team but all opinions, content, and write copy are my own.**


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