Rainy Looks’

RAIN RAIN GO AWAY; ISN’T THIS THE SUNSHINE STATE? Hey guys! How ya’ll like my little twist and rhyme there? I’m sure you all knew how to sing that ahaha. So tonight I’m going to a family event and it’s ugly, rainy, and just gross here in sunny south Florida. Do you ever wonder how the heck you’re going to pull off a super cute outfit for a night that’s not so cute? Well the first thing you want to address is comfort. I know, I know “beauty is pain” but come on’ if you’re a true Fashionista you know how to mix comfort with style. Keep your outfit simple. Do simple layers so you’re warm when it’s storming out and cool during that hot musky stage after the rain!!! Basically you want an outfit that you can run in just in case you get caught in the storm and when you’re drying off you’re still put together. Which is exactly what I chose with my polka dot oversized sweater, leather leggings (because normal leggings are just not chic enough you guys!!!) And I’m also wearing my black tie up booties J  I don’t know about your hair but the only two styles I can rock in the rain are big messy curls or the messy bun; either way I’ll be going messy. Today I chose the messy bun since I didn’t need the warmth of my hair tonight thanks to the sleeves of my sweater haha.

photo 2 (6)The sweater I’m wearing is from the men’s department in forever21. It’s pretty old and was actually Nick’s sweater which ended up being mine to DIY for you guys!!!! lol. I loved the loose fit of it, so I only took it in a tiny bit. I went ahead and cut where the neck was and sewed it with black thread for some pop of black! This way I could wear it off my shoulders.

photo 1 (6)Where ever I go jewelry is a MUST, I work for Charming Charlie and you wouldn’t dare to catch me somewhere not accessorized!  So what I decided to do since I have a bold lip going on, was to wear some simple studs with a chunky over-lapping chain necklace and a double finger cross ring. I’m keeping my bracelets and watch safe and dry in my jewelry stand and guess what? You can totally pull this off if you’re wearing a long sleeve…anything! Ha

photo (7) photo (7)Before I left the house I debated on taking off the tank top I had on and then I thought that having that touch of a double strap was a clever idea, it’s like I’m wearing a Chino brallette but…it’s across my shoulders not my back? lol Giving your outfit cute little add-on’s like I did really just personalize your look. try it.

Hope your guys enjoy this rainy day look!

xo, Kat 


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