Reflecting on 2016: Favorite Looks

Happy 2017 my friends!!! How did you spend your holidays, what did you get for Christmas, how glitzy were you on NYE?! I want to know! I can’t believe how quickly we got into this new year but I am SO excited! I wanted to reflect on this past year and share my favorite looks throughout the year! It was so hard to pick one look from each month haha let me know which looks were your faves!

If you want to reminisce with me, just click on each photo to take you back to that post!

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Thank you guys so much for being with me throughout 2016! It was such a special year for me full of opportunities and surprises. There were so many great things that happened in 2016 I can’t even begin to list them because I would be here forever! I am truly blessed which makes so excited for this new year. From making the auditions to join the worship community at my church, to Nick building a vanity for me, to my mom buying me my dream wall mirror, to my dad getting me a ring light, to when Cat and Karen took me out for my first pedi/girls day at a nail salon for my birthday to so many other things…like getting ENGAGED!!!! 2 0 1 7 is going to be a wonderful year, I’ve started a new devotional which really sets my days up for success knowing I’ve placed God first in my day, to branching out more and partnering up with local brands like Danielle Emon boutique! Ahh, I can keep going ¬†for ever! Just thank you. Thank you for enjoying my posts and being so supportive. I love you all!

Xo, Kat


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