Refreshing Your Wardrobe

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Hello friends and happy Monday! You guys know I am huge DIY’er when it comes to clothing; which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. Right when the fall season started I thrifted a pair of white jeans and wore them a ton! See them here, here and here. Then I also grabbed Nick’s old button down and styled it like this for a blog post. I figured for summer I wouldn’t be wearing a long jeans because why… so I decided to make them into shorts and omg I’m so happy I did! I already worn them like three times within 1 week. Once I put this look together I felt so resort wear ready, who is ready for a vacation?! Hello! Moving on… I’ll just tell you how I cut my shorts in case you want to try it out too!

1. I put them on and while I look at myself in the mirror I make a small dot with a pen exactly where I want the length to stop. I’m not a big fan of short tight jean shorts but since these are a loose fit I got happy with this scissors. I then fold them so that both legs are laying over each other. I cut them starting from the back to front. I like to cut at an angle so as I cut towards the front of the jeans I bring my scissors slightly downward. It just gives the shorts a flirty feel!
2. To distress the bottoms I just take the scissors and scruff where I just got before I wash them. The washing and drying really does all the work for you! I just like to give them I little pre-distress. I already had the cuts made but I took the same steps when I made those. Scruff the cuts with scissors then wash and dry!

Now, during the summer I am definitely not wearing a long sleeve button down so I decided to cut that too! I put it on and made a pen mark on where I wanted to cut at the sleeves and also made a mark for length too.

This was super easy and because the shirt is so over sized you can’t mess it up! I folded the sleeves so there was no need to fix up the hem on the sleeves which is great and easy for anyone to do. For the length, I cut off after the third button because that’s where it hit right above my hips. I figured that would be a good place to cut because it’s long enough to tuck in and short enough to leave over any bottoms.
Look through your closet and see what kind of pieces you’re sure you won’t wear again and see if my tricks help you transition them into spring and summer.

Now for accessories I kept it simple by pairing this metallic thin cuff with my favorite metal plate belt. I have been wearing these two pieces together so frequently it kind of feels odd to wear one and not the other! The belt is old but check this one¬†out. The gold cuff was a gift from Danielle Emon Boutique and I can’t thank her enough for this cuff and I literally have to stop myself from wearing it everyday!!! Check out more pieces here.

Xo, Kat


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