Socks And Heels

socks and heels socks and heels socks and heels socks and heels socks and heels socks and heelsHeels: ALDO – Belt: BOOHOOsocks and heels

Hey guys! I’m really excited for this post because I’ve had a sticky note with a specific outfit involving socks and heels on my desk for a year now. Funny thing is, I changed the entire look haha. Pairing socks and heels became something that was so unusually appealing to me, I wanted to do all the time. But, I live in Florida and I don’t really want to be walking around in sandals and socks…but I’ll make it work for the fall/winter months! Even though it is still hot here I have an excuse to bring them out.

For those of you living in the 60’s the sock and heels look is perfect for you! I styled my look with a dress and faux fur vest but you can always be more covered up for the weather by layering some long sleeves with rolled up jeans! You could also do a fun print full tights and ripped jeans to show off the print throughout the bottoms! I think I’ll try that out next time lol.

Whatever look you are going for, have fun with it. Wearing socks with your heels is not something you want to take extremely serious! Come on, it’s socks and heels hahaha.

Happy New Year!?

Xo, Kat


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