Spring and Summer | 2018 Fashion Trend Guide

Often times as the new year rolls around we find ourselves looking forward to plans, resolutions, goals, and everything in between to help us embrace the new year. I’m not too big on resolutions but I do like planning my goals. That could be a post for another day; if you’re interested. For today’s post we’re getting nice and warm! We’re skipping goals and going straight to fashion. We’ll come back to goals. I said on instastory that I was so sure we weren’t getting any cold weather past Christmas so I internally decided that I was over Fall and Winter fashion and on to Spring and Summer. Of course, days later we get this amazing cold front and I’m not even mad about it. I love this weather and enjoy being bundled up so I wasn’t sure if sharing my top trends for SS18 really made sense. Here we are though! We all love a little inso for the upcoming season so I have narrowed down my top favorite trends below. I’m giving you a variety of options to incorporate these trends into your wardrobe, so let’s get to it:



Favorite Trend #1 Fringe

The first trend I’m ready for is fringe. Fringe always comes back around but this year I’m obsessed with THIS fringe jacket I recently got. It’s so lightweight that, honestly, it will probably work for summer. Also, I’m wearing it right now (lol). Usually, fringe comes around for spring and summer in the form of vests and boots. I think switching it up and getting a fringe shag like this one is perfect to give you that extra-ness you’re looking for. If you’re not into the jacket then maybe you can go for fringe on your bandana, shoes, or even on your top like this $8 from ASOS I’ve linked below.

Favorite Trend #2 Buckle Shoes

The second trend I really like is the buckles. Particularly shoes with buckles is what they’re calling ‘trendy’ this season but I don’t think we need to keep it only for shoes. Don’t get me wrong buckles shoes are super edgy, can we please refer back to the YSL boots that exploded during the end of 2017? Those are so cool and perfect for this trend. I also think you can incorporate belts with larger buckles (like the Gucci one we all love) or the double buckle ended ones. ALSO, you guys know how I always wear my gold chain with my belts? Lately I’ve been testing out wrapping my chain around my booties to give it that trendy effect and I love it. I have not wore this style out yet but I think during spring and summer I may be rocking my belts on more places than just my waist.

Favorite Trend #3 Lavender

The third trend I’m into is the color lavender. I’m really into blush and really any shade of it so lavender is not too far off, and I’m a fan. The first thing I thought of when looking into this trend was monochromatic styles. I will ALWAYS be a fan of this  type of dressing because it’s so dang effortless and easy to achieve. I have this lavender top and watch me as I pair it with other hues in the same family scheme to create a spring and summer look. That is coming to the blog soon! No worries. Check out these lavender pieces to incorporate into your closet. If you don’t have other pieces in these color hue then pair these lavender pieces with these colors:  white, orange, pink, dark-violet, olive, gray, yellow, and beige.

Favorite Trend #4 Fishermen (or French Net) Bags

When I read that net bags were a major trend this year I laughed out loud, really! I even told my mom “did we not have these years ago?!”. I love that things come back around but I hate the price point things come back at. I saw versions of the net bag that are beautiful and so chic but again, not sure I’m willing to spend over $300 on something that I can find for $3-$7 or even make myself. I saw net bags come up on instagram being carried by the ‘It girls’ with their cute fresh produce and magazines. Cuteeeeeee, right? I think net bags will come really in handy during summer for a beach day or going to the park, even going to the coffee shop with a book or twenty (no judgment here). I found these SO inexpensive through amazon, so like, why not get a value pack in every color, right?

Favorite Trend #5 PVC 

Okay, this one I know people either love it or hate it. I kind of love it annnnd hate it because PVC can be easily overdone. I think the whole clear theme thing has been a THING for like ever but I see it more sleek and chic this season. I’ve seen tons of PVC trench coats but I would die in one of those and if you live in hotter climate then you’re dying with me. So instead, I would go with a small PVC bag. These are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and if you’re OCD then I already know your bag ‘arrangement’ will be #SS18bagGoals because it would be so organized and aesthetically pleasing. Right? If you’re not OCD then I suggest getting a PVC bag to practice being more organized! haha. I found these super inexpensive options from Amazon that I wanted to share because they’re all so cute, sleek, and practical for your every day essentials.


Let me know if any of these are on your list, and if not, let me know which are your faves! I also decided to link some items from Amazon to test it out. I know so many people have Prime so what better place to get your hands on some trendy pieces in 1-2 days than your trustee Amazon?!



Xo, Kat



  1. January 6, 2018 / 12:32 AM

    ok you got me wanting to shop for at least 2 of each trend you named!!!! i love what you linked with the trends. the buckle shoes are the cutest😍😍

  2. January 6, 2018 / 2:06 PM

    The color lavender is something I rarely see but it’s so pretty, hoping to find more of these in spring! 😍

  3. Cindy
    January 8, 2018 / 12:44 PM

    AHHHH Love the PVC trend. Those bags are soo cute! 😍😍😍

  4. January 9, 2018 / 11:59 AM

    Yes love the PVC trend and those bags! Definitely wanting to check those out. This color lavender is also so beautiful, and I want to give that color a try for sure!

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