Sunflower patterns have been in for as long as our parents could remember wearing them to college. (Lol maybe i’ll find a picture of my mom with a sun flower tie shirt somewhere *current mission*)¬†Anyway! I hope they always stay as a trend ’cause what’s not to love?! Especially for us living in the south. Here in Florida, I swear we have summer all year round…so what’s your excuse for not taking out your sun flowers high waist shorties? ahah So let’s see; in the past like…hmmm 2-3 months, I’m not even kidding I would walk into whatever Pac Sun I laid eyes on to stare at the shorts. I think I tried them on like 20+ times on 20 different occasions because I super really wanted them. So the other day I went in and of course I went straight for the shorts ahah but something was different that day….All shorts were BOGO free. AND THE GATES TO HEAVEN OPENED. I finally bought the shorts along with another pair of ‘Hot Mom Shorts’ lol whatever that’s supposed to reference.

I know, I know. The sale was amazing because we’re transitioning into fall but I LIVE IN FLORIDA PEOPLE. so who’s really watching leaves fall off trees here? lol I wore them today to go run a couple of errands and got compliments up and down about the color palette I decided to put on with the shorts.

photo (2)photo (4)

photo (3)

I wanted to save myself a little bit by not doing a traditional white crop top. I went with a dark burgundy low scoop neck tank. and it wasn’t until I put it all together that I saw the hints of red/brown/burgundy in the detailing of the shorts. So will you look at that my friends! lol I’m still obbessed with layering fun, little, dainty detailed necklaces so I did that and added something blue because I always enjoy blue and green together! and brown boat shoes to stay comfy.

P.S. – how do you style your sun flower patterns?

xo, Kat.


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