The Perfect Spring and Summer Dress

Hi guys, I am so proud of myself for even bribing a dress into my closet! Throughout the past of couple of months I have been on the search for more feminine pieces I can build different looks on. Aka dresses, rompers, and even shorts. If you know me then you probably just said ‘did she really just say dresses, rompers, and…shorts?’ YES. These long time unfamiliar staples are joining my closet.

I went over to my amazing friend, Danielle, and told her I needed either a dress or a romper. I was pretty desperate! I immediately started reaching for tops and had to stop myself. ‘No, dresses. Rompers.’ Danielle pulled this number for me to try on and after I tried on like 8 pieces I went back to this and purchased it. People at church loved it, my mom already wants to borrow it, and Nick love it…WINNING!

You’re probably reading this and saying wait, but you’re wearing jeans? Why are you calling this a dress!? Well, you know I can’t ever just wear things as they are (I’m learning to) so for this look I went super boho chic. Hiked it up a bit with a belt to give the illusion of a tunic and wore my favorite black tassel heels. Threw in a hat because, duh. Bohemian = brim hats necessary.

I’m excited to wear this AS a dress and can’t wait to show you how I style it! Next week I’ve got a special post coming 💕 Stay tuned!

Xo, Kat


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