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Happy Friday! If you’re here then I’m going to assume you watched my YouTube video and now you’re excited to check out some suggestions for the items I showed, right?! If’s the video! Lol

Or maybe you’re here because you want to know the end to my story. So, that top is from a brand called Chandelier and it is sold at LF stores. I stay away from that store because it is so pricy and I can’t contain myself lol so I just stay away!!! Anyway, when Cat and I found this top she told me I had to swing from the chandelier hahah no seriously, we noticed the original tags were on there and I gasped. For real, this top was priced at $168 and I got it for $3.99! Are you kidding? The details on that top are so beautiful too, I can’t wait to style it in a couple of different ways for the season.

Alright, so let’s get to you why you’re here…similar suggestions to the items I showed you:

Navy suede loafers : I mentioned in the video how I think loafers really dress up any outfit! Here are some other options I like

Beige turtleneck sweater : You totally need something like this, even if you don’t like the color you can go for navy, blush, nude, gray or black. Whichever color you think you’ll get the most use out of, get that one

Navy Satin Duster Coat : You know, I could not feel anymore luxurious walking around in a bath robe or pajama top (whatever mine is meant to be haha) so why not extend the ‘luxury-feels’ over to you? I love these options! Perfect for anytime of the day.

Ruffled Button Down from LF : This top was for sure inspired by a chic little house on the prairie character, I’m loving it! Look at these other options if the one I found was just a tad too much for your style.

Grey off the shoulder sweater : I love that the one I found was fitted, but these options are super cozy!!

Gray cross-body : You should totally have a grey bag in your collection!! Plus…you can never have too many purses, right?


Xo, Kat

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