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Dear fellow bloggers…I do apologize! I have been missing in action with no good excuse really. Slacking is no good! I’ll get back to it like I never left. In the meantime, I wanted to share my vacation with you all. I went back home to my little island, Puerto Rico, for a week and I’m definitely already homesick…ahh! I’m gonna share some pictures in the order of my days there and all that we did! Nick came with me, it was his first time going there so I made sure to show him a wonderful time. I wanted to take him everywhere!!! We didn’t quite do that…but we got around haha. Silly little me even hit our rental car…ouch.  Ah, I can’t wait to back.

Enjoy the pictures! Let me know if you want any further information on the places visited.

🙂 Xo , KAt


DAY 1: Piñones – We arrived and we headed here to eat ASAP. I love coming here to eat before/after the airport. It’s become a yearly tradition when I travel back home.

I had this refreshing water coconut and a mixed seafood plate with lemon. Octopus, Shrimp, and Conch. IT”S SO DELICIOUS AHHHHHHHHHH… Then we walked right across the street to the beach and it was so beautiful (and according to my aunt this beach is one of the ugliest lol so imagine) While we were there chilling I looked back and noticed a man with the fruit street mantecados. I Dont even know how to explain what it is because it’s not creamy like ice cream but it’s not as icy as italian ice haha its just a perfect combination!



DAY 2: The Caves.

First we went to “Cueva Ventana” aka the Window Cave, where you walk along this path and come across a little rope and some steps down into the cave. once you’re in there it IS DARK MY FRIENDS. bring a flash light lol mom 105



like I said… IT”S DARK lolIMG_9080 IMG_9082 When you come to end of the cave you find yourself at the edge of some rocks and in front of there is the most beautiful view of this valley. It’s absolutely incredible. I’ve been to this cave twice now, I had to bring Nick here. He loved it.

After cave #1 we kept the adventure going and headed to another cave about 20 minutes away. This one is called “La Cueva del Indio” or The Indian Cave. You walk up a huge rock or more like a whole bunch of rocks and you start feeling the breeze a little closer and once you look up you’re just feets away from the water. In the picture below we walked down some rocks to get an even closer look.
The actual cave is inside the rocks on the left VV

IMG_9113 IMG_9163 IMG_9164


I took this picture once I was inside the cave and we crossed some water and climbed a little more inside there and there was this huge water hole. it was so cold and LOUD. super loud ahaha I loved it.

IMG_9165photo2 (3)photo3 (3)photo1 (3)

There was a lot of space down there to be honest! there a nice little sand pad to the left and to the right was the water hole you guys saw above. (i’m pretty sure the indians bathed there!!! lol I would)

DAY 3: Today we went to the river! It’s called “Gozalandia” aka Joy-Land haha clever because it was tons-a-funza! You had a couple little rivers you could go to.. one of them are these two first pictures, there was no one around just us:) it was so peaceful and beautiful ANNNNNND ICE COLD.

IMG_9185 IMG_9187

Let me tell you something that rock there ladies and gentlemen…I jumped off that 30 something feet rock into the water and I wish I would’ve jumped more than once ahaha. That fall was crazy fun, I remember as I walked up there with the water hitting my hair right into my eyes and I kept telling Nick “i cant do that…I dont think I can jump off this…” and the funny part was that with every word I kept getting closer!! So heck yeah I jumped! I survived so that means next year I’m right back there lolIMG_9206 IMG_9207


After GozaLandia we went to eat some real nice PuertoRican food!!! I had this amazing steak filled mofongo with tostones AND a mojito! supa fresh.

IMG_9203 IMG_9212 IMG_9205

DAY 4: Church. i dont have any pictures from us at church actually, So you can assume I was pretty into the message. lol My parents started attending a new church and I loved it. Can’t wait to visit it again <3


This was honestly cooler than I thought! It’s free and when you arrive you get two tickets per person for free drinks. I gotta admit my drinks were delicious! first I had the Bacardi Wolf berry which is blueberry with wolf berry and boy was that good! But It got even better because I saved my other ticket until after the tour. there was a part in the tour where you entered a room filled with barrels of all the flavored rums, So when I came out I knew I wanted to try the Bacardi Torched Cherry and OMGoodness that was delicious! and this is coming from someone who rarely ever drinks. lol I came out of that tour appreciating rum on a whole different level my friends.

IMG_9234 IMG_9236 IMG_9238 IMG_9241 IMG_9244

DAY 6: El Yunque.

El Yunque is Puerto Rico’s national rain forest and it has many different trails and rivers throughout the mountains. We decided to hike the El Yunque trail which takes you all the way to the very top of the rain forest! it takes about 2.5 hours. There’s usually always clouds at the very top unless you hike up there at like 7am on  a good day…i mean it IS the rainforest! lol Here’s a super cool picture Nick took of me sitting on what they call the castle tower from which you can see east of the island (with no clouds!) lol this day we were pretty much sitting in clouds!!


dont be fooled though! as we walked back down the mountain we stopped to admire the view and it was great one! Check it out VVV you can see the ocean in the far back under the clouds.



DAY 7: Snorkeling – we went to a little cove by a beach called La Esperanza which was by our house in Manati. IMG_9310

We got here by coming down the rocks to the left of picture and as soon as we put our stuff down we kept on walking and climbed over the rocks to the right! the water was splashing like crazy against those rocks, there was even a crack in one of the rocks and you could hear the waves so loud crashing under you! (though I thought it sounded like a dragon snoring!!!!) Anyway, we snorkeled here and there was so many fishies!! I’ve been to this beach before and I never even thought there was so much beauty down there.

DAY 8: sad day…our last day.

of course we ended up back in Piñones for our last meal of the vacay! Nick and I both had a Mariscada…photo (1)

and as we ate our plate dad and I shared some Oysters! IMG_9322


Thank you <3







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