Transitioning Your Fall Wardrobe into Spring

Hi friends! For today’s post I want to specifically talk about how to transition your black jeans for spring and summer time. If you’ve worked retail then you know black bottoms are a must. For the past three years I’ve been SO against wearing black pants outside of work because of obvious reasons. Every time I wanted to feel edgy or take my girly look to the next level I subconsciously reached for my black pants. Of course an hour into my wearing my black pants I would feel as I was working! I hated that feeling. This past fall/winter (I live in Florida so let’s call it ‘year round summer with gusts of cool air’ every once in a while) I ventured off into buying a pair of black jeans from Zara. To be more specific, I purchased this pair. I love the subtle knee slits and the frayed ankle, perfect to make any outfit edgy.

Since I purchased the jeans with the intention of ‘fall and winter fashion’ this past weekend I put them on with a velvet top and realized we are going into spring! What am I doing? (Must be because fall is MY FAVE) I immediately told myself I needed to find ways to transition my ‘fall jeans’ into spring and summer.

Do this: change out your ‘go to shoes’. I would normally reach for flats or ankle booties BUT it’s time to show the toes! (This is a side note for myself more than you but just make sure your pedi is up to par.) Grab your favorite sandals or wedges that way you can start the transition with a spring shoe you already love. Check out the newest shoes on my wishlist. Let my picks either inspire you to shop or help you remember what shoes you already own! (click the photo anywhere to shop)

How To Transition Fall into Spring, The Models Market, themodelsmarket

Alright now that you’ve got your shoe game on point; let’s move on.

Do This: style your black jeans with your favorite ‘spring/summer trend’ top. Let me give you a quick rundown of what spring and summer looks like just in case:

* stripes overload
* men inspired stripes (think taking your mans work button down and wearing it as a dress or off the shoulder as a top with cute shorts)
* victorian inspired florals, light lace, and sheer
* athlesuire is here to stay
* anything that shows your shoulders
* white shirt dresses
* waist cinchers (think waist trainers but to the next level and super CHIC)
* taking your silk bath robe into the office is acceptable (we’ll talk more about that soon)
* trench coats with big sleeves, oversized buckles
* fall had flared sleeves, spring has sleeve SLITS. Get with it girl!

So far I am loving anything with stripes, whatever is ‘comfy’ I’ll fit into the athlesuire category and I can’t go without a feminine floral lace piece. That means you want to pair your black jeans with anything from the list above and you’re automatically strutting spring fashion. I’ve picked three tops that, in my opinion, will go perfectly with your black jeans! (click anywhere on the photo to shop)

How To Transition Fall into Spring, The Models Market, themodelsmarket

I hope my two tips helped you find ways to wear your jeans year round! Till next post

Xo, Kat


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