What to Wear to Coachella 2017 | Festival Season Series – Look Three

Hiiii friends! How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun, I want to know about it! This past weekend Nick and I headed up to Tampa. We spent the weekend with his parents, eating, having breakfast on the patio and enjoying Costco’s samples. Haha OH there was also a community wide garage sale where Nick and I found some decor for our wedding! I love when we come across little things for the wedding like that, it’s officially one year away so the countdown begins.


Alright, back to the fashion people! We are in look three of my Coachella series and I’m SO ready to talk about my look for today! You guys know Coachella accessories include lots of layering so I decided to take that same idea and take it a step further by using this AMAZING piece hand made by my incredibly talented friend, Alejandra DueƱas. I’m actually taking this piece out of it’s original intent because it was made for a collection that was featured in Miami Swim Week 2016 AND I do plan to shoot it as it’s supposed to be. I just couldn’t resist using this for this series because if I can be completely honest this is what inspired me to start this series in the first place (thanks Allie).


Music Festivals accessories always include lots of layered necklaces, body chains, hand chains, lots of rings! Stacked rings are so fun and trendy this year, it’s cool because you wanna take different sizes and textures and place them on each finger, I dig it! Geometric earrings are another huge accessory trend so I thought the way Allie designed this piece with the circle mirrors where a nice touch to add in as ‘geometric’.


Below are some accessories you can layer on to any simple outfit. You can do a romper like I did, or a band tee with high waist jeans or shorts! Make it your own.




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