What to Wear to Coachella 2017 | Festival Season Series

Hi guys! Happy Friday, Did you enjoy my little intro for this series on Insta-Stories? I loved making that! So today we are doing two things! First I wanted to let you know that for the next two weeks I’m going to be focusing on sharing Coachella trends and looks you can wear throughout the entire festival season! This year it’s all about incorporating athletic features, using western elements, colors while remaining trendy, of course. I love the trends for this year but most of all I love when they tell you what NOT to wear, HA! Obviously you can wear whatever you want; but listen…I will go ahead and give you a list of trends that are a little ‘overrated’ when it comes to festival season. Ready?

Thanks to this recent article from WhoWhatWear, we’ve got direct words from Tracy Taylor (senior style editor at Net-A-Porter) letting us know which trends to let go of!

themodelsmarket the models market katherine torres coachella 2017 who what wear blogger style

(photo is from article linked above)

How you like that? Haha I laughed at flower crowns because I mean aren’t flower crowns a GIVEN during festival season? I guess not anymore. Throughout the next two weeks I’ll break down what trends I’m showcasing within my Coachella Inspired Looks so you can get inspired! Here are some trends I’ll be showcasing…Ready?!

themodelsmarket the models market katherine torres coachella 2017 who what wear blogger style

The team and I got together to make this introductory look book showcasing all four looks. I seriously couldn’t have done this without Nick and Anthony. You guys are my rock, love you! Shout out to Anthony for fixing the video, exporting it, and getting it to me 15 minutes before launch time! haha

I will go in depth for each look throughout the week and tell you where to get similar items that’ll make these festival season trends come to life in your looks. Make sure you are subscribed here, you don’t want to miss out. My first look will be live this coming Monday!

Xo, Kat


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