Wrap Some Leather + Metal

Hey guys!! I got an easy,fun DIY for you today.

I’m wearing it and its delicious…arm candy?? hmm!!!

photo 4

How’s leather + metal sound? Well! Here’s my new arm candy! The supplies you need can all be found at your nearest craft store. I went to Micheal’s and got leather cord, metal parts, some clasps, and jump rings. After that you just need some spray paint, (If you decided to paint your metal pieces gold as I did) some scissors, and crafting pliers.

1) optional: spray paint your pieces and let dry.

2) measure your wrist and cut with a bit extra to leave room to insert the closing clasp.

3) take one of your closing clasps and insert on either side of cord.

4) make a tiny loop and use the jump ring to secure the clasp by wrapping it around the loop.

5) by now your metal pieces should be dry, so one by one put them on your cord.

6) wrap bracelet and place the metal pieces as you wish so they can lay on the top of wrist and they’re not being weird and crazy all over the place!

7) now you can see where to need to insert your other clasp. So repeat steps 3 & 4.


photo 3photo 2


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