YOU…I will take everywhere!

I think every girl is always asking themselves WHY IS ALL THIS JUNK IN MY PURSE!? or WHY IS THIS STILL IN THERE? Well come on, let’s face it we probably don’t really need all of what is in our purse BUT there are some things that jingle around in there that are pretty important! Personally I love to switch out my purse as if it’s an accessory (because it is!) So with every occasion and every look I have a different purse. I have a ‘go-to’ bag but that’s usually still between a couple of cross-body bags. Since I change out my purse so often I tend to keep my mess…neat. You know what I’m saying? Haha, everything has it’s place and little baggy or compartment within my purses. I have 9 products that I carry with me from day to day and bag to bag. I use these products almost every single day and if leave the house without using any of them I know I can always reach into my ‘purse-of-the-moment’ to use them.

1. Moisturizer : I have two at the moment, but I like to keep little samples in my bag because those are easier to store!


2. Face Primer: A primer is something I started using when I started college. I never used a lot of face make up in high school so I didn’t feel the need to have one. Now, I use it after I let my moisturizer settle. Even If I don’t use a CC cream or apply foundation there are some primers you can get away with wearing on their own.


3. Contacts, Glasses, Eye drops: Okay, I know that’s technically three different but I use them simultaneously so let’s just call it “GlaConDrops’ for short! I wear my contacts as often as I wear my eye glasses, so depending on which I’m wearing that day I keep the other in my bag in case of an eye swtich-a-roo!


4.Eyebrow pencil: I’ve always loved my brows, I  love them so much that back in middle school I took a razor and shaved right between my eyes to get rid of what I thought was a ‘uni-brow’. I had nothing close to a uni-brow and I wont ever because my brows don’t have a lot of growth towards the front of them. So I love to keep my brow wiz for quick touch ups in the sparse areas of my brows.


5. Eyelash Curler: SERIOUSLY GIRLS! If you’re not blessed with curled luscious lashes, a curler with make your eyes look so much more awake and alive. I love curling my lashes! I know, I know…they can be intimidating. Trust me on this, I received a new lash curler last month which I was so excited to try because I could finally get rid of my old-janky one. Worst nightmare! The top didn’t align with the bottom so my lashes were sliced right in the middle! BUT…believe me when I say eyelash curlers are AMAZE-balls just make sure you take your time to examine the hardware before using it. Lol

6. Mascara: You know how some of us girls apply mascara every day? Well, that’s how I use my lash curler. I don’t use mascara every day but since I do keep my curler with me I keep mascara just because it’s the PB to the J!


7.  Hand Sanitizer/Lotion: I’m so big on clean hands that if I could wash my hands I probably would! But that would dry out my hands like crazy which is why I also keep a little tube of lotion as well. I ran out of my hand lotion so for now I’ve just been carrying around the sanitizer.


8. Lipstick: Okay, I have tons of lipsticks…like we’re talking 3 full Ipsy bags full of lip products! Now, I don’t carry with me every single lipstick with me! I just take with my whichever lipstick I’m wearing just in case I need to retouch. Yesterday I was wearing the L’Oreal Paris lipstick in shade 850 Brazilian Nut topped with a Bite Beauty Honey gloss.


9 Lip Balm: I use a chap-stick or balm EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s pretty scary honestly! I think I started this obsession back in High School. So now, if I don’t use it for one day my lips get all swollen and super huge! Lol. I don’t mind the extra plumpness but it even hurts when I forget to use a balm. Using balms really does maintain my lips healthy and full of collagen because I constantly moisturize them. Plus it’s awesome to know my lips are constantly ready for smooching!! This is basically my top of the line must have item, even though it is mentioned last…YOU…I will take everywhere!



Thanks for stopping by!

Xo, Kat


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